Sweet & Savoury Chocolate Tasting Dinner

"La joie de vivre au chocolat"




1378 Yonge street

(Yonge @ St. Clair)


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Chocolate, one of the worlds most luxurious and desired foods doesn’t just belong in dessert. The husband and wife team of Chef Eyal Liebman & Sommelière Rebecca Meïr invite you to experience chocolate in a whole new decadent way. Eyal is no stranger to the delicate art of chocolate, and is on a mission to prove to Toronto foodies that it’s not just for dessert. 
In this exclusive chocolate dinner party, guests will be treated to a sophisticated tasting menu that will seamlessly blend the worlds of sweet and savoury. Eyal will be utilizing the praised Valrhona chocolate in 6 beautiful courses, each of which will be paired with wines hand-selected by Sommelière - Rebecca Meïr. This intimate event promises the talked about dinner party of the year. Tickets are very limited so do not delay in getting yours!


About Eyal: Inspired by the founding fathers of French cuisine, Israeli-born Pâtissier Eyal Liebman is a culinary artisan whose creations are at once grounded in tradition and influenced by his middle-eastern roots. Having joined the Canadian culinary circle in 2008, Eyal studied under Maître Cuisinier de France Didier Leroy at Didier in Toronto. He has since further cultivated his craft at Pâtisserie Sebastien, Black Moon, Pain Perdu, 417 Restaurant+Lounge & Harbour Sixty Steakhouse, and is now the co founder of L is for… along with his lovely wife.


About Rebecca: Rebecca is the co founder of L is for...with 7 yrs of experience in the hospitality industry in Canada and abroad. Rebecca enjoys pairing Eyal's pastry oriented food with local and French wines that compliments Eyal's style of cooking. Currently she is working as the assistant Sommelière at the O&B establishment, Luma.


About Valrhona: Created in 1922 in the Rhone Valley region of France by a pastry chef for pastry chefs, Valrhona has remained a chef driven company that values working in partnership with culinary professionals. Valrhona employs 20 corporate chefs and operates three premier pastry schools ("Ecoles du Grand Chocolat") throughout the world.  Under the direction of Chef Frederic Bau, these centers have become unequaled spaces for chefs to learn, exchange ideas, and master their craft. The brand of choice for the world's most demanding pastry professionals and chocolatiers, Valrhona is committed to the creation of unique artisan quality chocolates with complex and balanced flavors. Its tradition of creativity, expertise in taste, and a strict adherence to traditional chocolate-making methods make it the standard bearer in the industry.  The pillars of Valrhona’s philosophy are the uncompromising commitment to quality, taste, innovation as well as community, environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices. As an owner of 2 plantations, Valrhona is literally the source of fine chocolate as they plant, discover, select, and blend fine and rare cocoa beans.


About Sarah: Sarah Jones first began cocktailing in Paris, France 7 years ago.Since then she has bartended across Canada, from Vancouver to Toronto.With an eye for precision plus a taste for the new and interesting, she continuesto pop up at bars around Toronto re-creating the classics and inventing drinks as she goes.Avid imbibers keep an eye out for her tasty libations.


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